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Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve Now Available in USA!

Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve is made available for the U.S. Market! This excellent High Quality Preserve will create Millions of Delicious Dreams Breaks for American People and Families!

There is Plenty of Cloudberries in it (45%) and no Artificial Flavours at all.

It´s made of Wild Cloudberries picked in the Clean (and hard to Access : ) Arctic Nature of Northern Finland. We have even taken out the Seed to maximize your Enjoyment! Enjoy this Rare Artic Delicatess, when u want to have your Dream Breaks with your kids, grand kids or on your own.

You can enjoy Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve in Countless Ways. You can eat as such or on top of Vanilla Ice Cream, Pancakes, Cheese...

You will enjoy the The Pure Quality and Taste of this Very First Product in the Marie´s Dreams Product Range!  

Marie´s Dreams stands for Quality and Enjoyment. For your Dream Breaks.

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